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PU High Gloss is made from polyurethane bonded to polyester jersey. It is a very durable, fun fabric that is easily cared for. It will not be damaged by lubricants and massage, however when using large

Is machine washable. The fabric is non permeable in gentle massage, however when using large amounts of gel/oils when the sheet is ‘under pressure’ it is advisable to protect your mattress with a waterproof cover. Machine Wash “Front Loader Only” COLD wash with gentle cycle non-biological liquid/power. Do not spin or wring.

Hang dry or Tumble dry on No hear air dry.

 Our delicate, allover print with their intricate medallion print, our Nuru fitted sheets add a little bohemian glamor to your bed. The combination of our luxurious long strand nuru massage silk and momme count of 22 inches deep mattress makes our Nuru Mattress protector Fitted Sheet sheets the very finest available in North America. Hand crafted from 100% polyurathane with immaculate stitching and finish, you'll discover luxury, elegance and sensuality like nothing else when performing your body to body slide. Our nuru fitted sheets feature a secure continuous elastic edge, gripping the sheet firmly in place on the mattress. All fitted sheets are designed to accommodate mattresses of up to 22" in depth.

This luxurious red color body sliding for comfort and incredible value

  • Super Concentrated 5X longer lasting effect.
  • Concentrated means less water used in the formula.
  • Only half of what you usually use with the platinum.
  • Provides long lasting workability. No need for constant reapplication that interrupts the massage and ruins the mood!
  • Enhances sensitivity and facilitates erotic body to body slides
  • Tasteless and odorless and can be mixed with your preferred scented oil, making the massage experience all the more arousing
  • Helps soothes deep muscles and joints by releasing stagnant tension and energy upon massage
  • Key Ingredients
    • Aqua
    • Fucus Vesiculosus Extract - Deep seaweed extract gives the gel its slippery and smooth feel, allowing couples to enjoy long-lasting and intimate massages
    • Disodium EDTA - a non-toxic agent that prevents skin deterioration and improves texture
    • Chlorphenesin
    • Chamomile oil - natural ingredient with soothing and calming effects
    • Glycerin
    • Sodium polyacrylate (waterlock)
    • Dipotassium glycyrrhizate (licorice root
    • Pentylene Glycol
    • <(2-methylisothiazol-3(2H)-one)
    • Swallowing small amounts of the product is safe. Ingestion of large quantities should be avoided.
    • Mixed Nuru Gel should be enjoyed immediately as it begins to lose temperature 20-30mins after mixing.
    • Maintain its temperature at 105 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit if not to be used immediately after mixing. Never leave it on an electric bottle warmer for longer than 5 minutes because it will begin to boil.
    Shelf Life: 1 year


    Directions for Use
    Apply desired amount of nuru gel to area your going to massage. Reapply as needed. Once it begins to dry reactive by Adding water using small cups or spray bottle to the same area you were massaging this will bring the gel back to life no need to reapply the product.
    Add a small amount to your hand and apply generously to the desired area, once the area begins to dry, no need to re-apply just wet the area with water for a slippery slide.

    Check out this video on How to make 8 ounce standard using small platinum<br>
    Do the Nuru massage after a warm bath or shower.
    Do not dry off. Nuru massages are best done when bodies are wet.
    Things needed:

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