Yoni Tightening Wand Vaginal Rejuvenation Stick Fast Results

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Yoni Wand Works Instantly Natural TIGHT Rejuvenation 
There's no more need for dangerous and expensive cosmetic surgery or annoying Kegal exercises; instantly tighten your vagina naturally! Now you can easily rejuvenate your vagina with the Vaginal Tightening Wand brought to you by Wonder Wand! This therapeutic wand uses a unique blend of organic herbs to stimulate the vagina which tightens the vaginal walls, increasing your sensitivity, and improving your sexual experience. Just one application lasts up to 5 days! The Vaginal Yoni Tightening Wand helps to balance your body's natural flora and fauna; removing vaginal odor and providing relief from feminine itching and the pain from yeast infections. With proper cleaning, each wand is good for up to three months after initial use.

  • TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT! – the Yoni wand is a Vaginal Tightening Stick is made with 100% natural organic ingredients and helps you get a toned, narrow, tight vagina! The wand will have you singing "Like a Virgin." Forget costly, dangerous vaginoplasty surgery and healing time - get results fast while tightening and toning! Enhance results with kegel exercises or kegel weights.
  • Simple and Easy - No messy, sticky gels and creams, or embarrassing pill bottles. Just insert half Yoni wand Vaginal Tightening Stick into your vagina and gently rotate for 15-30 seconds. Do kegel exercises for extra vaginal strength. Double up and use your kegel balls between use of the stick to really get impressive results
  • Time Tested Guarantee – Yoni wand Vaginal Tightening is the best kept secret around. Herbal, all natural, organic vaginal tightening has been used in Asia for over a 1000 years with much success for tightened and toned vagina's.
  • Chic and Discrete - the yoni wand comes in discrete packaging. Order today and restore vaginal suppleness, and contract and reshape your vagina quickly. Will not numb so you can enjoy your results with your partner immediately after use. Your husband will notice the difference!

Packaging may vary.

Organic Herbal Blend
Natural Vaginal Tightening
Helps Restore Your Body's Natural Flora and Fauna, which makes you smell and taste great.
100% Reusable for up to 3 months with proper cleaning
Easy to use
Instant Results
Increases Sensitivity and improves your sexual experience.

Natural Tightening
Increases blood circulation
Reduces depression
Stimulates the vaginal walls

How to use:
Wet or rinse the Wonder Wand (1/2 wet) slowly insert into the vagina and gently rotate the wand for 30 seconds, remove and re-wet, and then insert gently turn the wand, and so forth 3-4 times.Make sure to time it, do not leave in vagina too long, too prevent being too tight for intercourse .

What's included:
1 Yoni Wand
User Manual
1 pouch to keep your wand.

Warranty:100% satisfaction and risk free guarantee!

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