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Nuru-guru.com is a space created to specifically cater to your intimate needs. Our products will help you heat up your sex life and thus also help revive your greying relationships. Our products are 100 per cent natural and free from any side effects. Our speciality, the nuru massage gelis an erotic massage oil that will make your hormones go wild like never before. We promise to give you memories you will always cherish.


Cindy, the woman behind nuru-guru narrates how it all started. “I was in college that time and Elisabeth, my elder sister as well as my best friend was having problems with her marital life. She was a regular at our neighborhood shrink. The big question to me was WHY? Later I learnt that her 10 years of marriage was falling apart due to poor sex life.”

“I could not help but worry. I started looking for solutions. I found a wide variety of products online that could apparently help but they all seemed to be high in chemicals. This was until I recalled how my friend’s grandmother had once mentioned about Nori, a hard to find seaweed that had been traditionally used by people for stimulating their sex life. And thus was born the nuru gel which combines the good old wisdom of our ancestors with todays’ modern science to make it perfect for today’s couples. It’s organic, it’s safe and it works.”


Cindy’s efforts to restore happiness in her sister’s married life led her to give birth to nuru-guru.com through which she is today determined to bring back love and romance in every couples life. We provide a wide variety of other products as well to suit your requirement, ranging from hygiene washes to various vagina tightening products that aim at enhancing your sexual pleasure, all in a completely natural way.At nuru-gel.com every product is made out of care and genuine concern for its users. We understand that it can be hazardous to use products that contain chemicals. Complete care is therefore taken to ensure that all our products are totally natural. There have been other businesses recently showing up in the market, claiming to be the original seller of nuru-gel. A word of caution, they are all just a hoax, trying to emulate our skills and knowledge. We are the authentic providers and you can find us at https://nuru-guru.com/ or like us on https://www.facebook.com/NuruGuru .

Nuru gel guarantees to give you an experience that you will want to have again. Its ingredient Nori, is completely non-toxic and safe to use. Nuru gel is also available in the form of capsules to make it handy for travel purposes. To quote Cindy once again “There is no better feeling than knowing that your products are helping couples all over the world. And it’s not only about restoring your dwindling sex-life, it’s about feeling loved again, it’s about feeling the warmth that got missing somewhere. My gel aims at not only bringing two bodies together but at bringing two hearts closer like they have never been before.”



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