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Nature has always been man’s best friend, providing for its needs and nurturing it.At nuru-guru.com we bring to you various products, direct from nature’s laps, which will help you revive your sex life. Free from any kind of chemicals, these products are sure to help you with your greying relationships.

Our specialty, the nuru-gel isan erotic massage oil that promises to heat up your sex life. Cindy Cravenho, a former accountant and the woman behind nuru-guru narrates how it all started “It was when a friend of mine who works as a massage therapist mentioned how unsatisfied she was with the quality of massage oils that were being used”. “I remember how she was whining about the oil stains that were always left on the bed sheets. It was in that instant that I recalled reading about Nori, a Japanese seaweed that is tasteless, odorless and slippery and I thought it could be a perfect ingredient for massage oil.”

“I have always been a nature lover and the idea of making a product out of something so natural and pure seemed exciting. And this is how I came up with Nuru-gel, which is 100 per cent natural and non-toxic”, adds Cindy. “My romance with nature did not end at nuru gel. I wanted to expand to creating other similar products.” says Cindy.

Today nuru-guru is a home to various cleansing and beauty products, all completely natural. A lot of our products are made to cater to women’s intimate needs. Our range of therapeutic skin care products and body cleansers help women fight infections and bad odouras well as restore vitality in their intimate areas. Our vaginal tightening stick is the most natural way to tighten the vagina to enhance your sexual experience. Its ingredient Serre stick is made from natural ingredients like Indonesian grassroots, alum alumen and borneol. We understand that it can be hazardous to use products with chemicals on a sensitive area. Complete care is therefore taken to ensure that all our products are totally herbal. We also offer nuru-gel capsules to make it handy for travel purposes. We assure you with the quality of our products and guarantee their authenticity. A happy and satisfied customer is what we want from our business and we make no compromises in achieving that.

There have been other businesses recently showing up in the market, claiming to be the original seller of nuru-gel. A word of caution, they are all just a hoax, trying to emulate our skills and knowledge. We are the authentic providers and you can find us at or like us on https://www.facebook.com/NuruGuru .

To quote Cindy again, “As an accountant, I made money but gained no satisfaction. Today, after giving up a career in corporate world, I feel much more content and closer to nature.There is no better feeling than knowing that your products are helping people all over the world. I still continue to try and create more natural products. I place my trust in nature just as my customers have placed their trust in me. I am sure none of us will be disappointed.

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