Have you experienced any of Nuru’s products for the body? At Nuru-Guru provide you with a huge selection at low cost genuine Nuru Massage Products.
  • Nuru Massage Kit QUICK VIEW Nuru Massage Kit from $ 202.00

    Nuru Massage Kit

    $ 202.00

    Nuru Massage Kit come with a beautiful Red Gift Box 1 Queen or King Fitted Sheet 2 Standard Pillow cases 2 Bottles 8.45 Premium Nurux gel  1 Big Jug size...
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  • Vaginal Tightening Wand QUICK VIEW Vaginal Tightening Wand $ 49.99 $ 26.99 SALE

    Vaginal Tightening Wand

    $ 26.99 $ 49.99

    Videos   The Serre Vagina Tightening Wand is especially designed for women to get rid of vaginal unpleasant odor, vaginal discharge and most important to tighten a loose vagina. It enhances...
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  • Nuru Gel Powder Extract QUICK VIEW Nuru Gel Powder Extract from $ 11.50

    Nuru Gel Powder Extract

    $ 11.50

    What you will need: Prepare your gel 1 hour going into the shower. Your body must stay wet. Nuru gel must be warm/ House must be HOT. No ceiling fan to...
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  • Nuru Gel Premium 33.45 oz QUICK VIEW Nuru Gel Premium 33.45 oz from $ 26.99

    Nuru Gel Premium 33.45 oz

    $ 26.99

    Nuru Guru’s Standard NuruX Massage Gel is a slick, tasteless, and odorless water-based massage gel infused with all-natural seaweed extract, chamomile juice, and healthy minerals that are safe and gentle...
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